What We Do

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Building Stoves

One half of the world cooks on open fires. Smoke from open fires leads to constant eye irritation, scarring and blindness. Particulates in smoke and other emissions irritate the lungs causing respiratory diseases. The danger of burns is real and thatched roof houses frequently catch fire, easily spreading throughout the camps and villages.

Finding Water

Where women and girls must walk great distances just to get water, that is often polluted and carrying diseases, Aid Africa builds sheltered springs; drills new wells close to villages; and repairs broken pumps, providing clean, accessible water.

Planting Trees

Fruit, Fuel and More! Trees provide the branches needed for housing, the fruit necessary for a healthy diet, a spot of shade from the hot African sun, and the wood needed for cooking a family meal. They are essential for the health and shelter of these vulnerable people.

A Quick Overview

Clean Water for 200 Families!

Clean water! This spring in Tangweri, sheltered by Aid Africa in March, serves more than 200 families – over 1000 people. Clean water, ready to drink and it will last for years without maintenance. Lots of activity at the Tangweri spring