sheltered spring

Finding Water

boy at dirty spring

Child filling a water can from a polluted spring

Where women and girls must walk great distances just to get water, that is often polluted and carrying diseases, Aid Africa builds sheltered springs; drills new wells close to villages; and repairs broken pumps, providing clean, accessible water.

Locally accessible clean water is essential to the sanitation and healthy development of a village.

Without it…

  • Women and children spend hours retrieving water for household use.
  • Water-borne illnesses flourish and existing medical conditions are exacerbated.
  • Adults miss extensive amounts of work due to illness or the poor health of a family member.

 A Simple Well Drilling Method

Watch the 30-second video below to see how we use a simple method to dig a shallow well to provide a clean source of water close to the village.  No expensive drilling rig required!

Aid Africa digs, repairs and maintains vital water sources – including sheltered springs and wells – critical for providing life-sustaining clean water.

Our goal is to provide three local sources of clean water to every village we serve – over 3,000 wells and sheltered springs.