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Our Mission

Aid Africa is rebuilding sustainable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa through the manufacture and distribution of efficient cooking stoves, providing clean water by digging and repairing wells, and planting trees to reforest the region.


Cleaner Burning Stoves

Where women walk great distances to gather scarce fuel, and cook over open fires that burn fuel quickly, filling the home with smoke that causes blindness and lung diseases in children, Aid Africa builds highly efficient six brick rocket stoves, employing local labor to manufacture the insulating bricks.  African Rural Development teaches the people how to assemble and install each stove, providing a cleaner cooking stove that consumes much less fuel.

Wells and Sheltered Springs

Where women and girls must walk great distances just to get water, that is often polluted and carrying diseases, Aid Africa builds sheltered springs; drills new wells close to villages; and repairs broken pumps, providing clean, accessible water.


Where trees have become scarce because of over harvesting, Aid Africa builds nurseries for thousands of trees that replenish nutrients in the soil and provide a source for food and fuel.