Birthing Kits

It’s an incredible human tragedy. Each year, 500,000 African babies die on the first day of their lives, and 1 in 13 women in Sub-Saharan Africa die of causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Infection following delivery is the leading cause of death among these mothers and newborns. But the risk of infection can be greatly reduced by providing the most basic elements of medical sanitation during childbirth… soap, a clean blade to cut the umbilical cord, a clean cord to tie the umbilical cord, and a clean sheet for the mother and baby to lie on after delivery.
Imagine that – you can SAVE TWO LIVES with soap, a clean blade, a simple cord, and a clean sheet! And those new mothers can return home and continue to care for their other children.

Birthing Kit

Every spring we assemble birthing kits for use in the developing world. Help us assemble life-saving birthing kits on

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017.

Click here for more info on how you can help. Birthing Kit Assembly

child with mother

De-Worming Pills

two kids swollen belly

Intestinal worms mostly come from drinking polluted water and cause many kinds of problems. The big bellies on children doesn’t mean they’re fat; it means they’re full of worms! Our staff travels to community health centers and primary schools to distribute the pills – 12¢ each. One small pill every 6 months takes care of intestinal worms that cause malnutrition in children, malnutrition whose effects can last a lifetime.

80% of communicable diseases are water born and Aid Africa brings clean water, greatly decreasing the chances of disease.

Hygiene and Sanitation

When Aid Africa comes into a village for a stove or fruit tree distribution, we don’t pass them out and say goodbye. We take time to talk. We use the opportunity to talk about bigger issues that impact their lives. We talk about the environment and about personal hygiene. We make a pitch about trying to relax some rigid and archaic gender roles. Those broader concepts can enrich a villager’s life just as the new rocket stove will.